IMG_20140401_165311_186What we can do for you?

TRU Drill is here to steer your well in the right direction. With our experienced team and the best tools, we will ensure the ultimate efficiency as we work to reach your target.

Directional Drilling

Well Planning/ Engineering

Drilling Motors

The Prescott Bearing assemblies are a reliable and proven flow-thru design make it very rugged and will stand up to the harshest drilling conditions. The assemblies use the toughest tool steel material specially heat treated to maximize toughness while increasing wear resistance resulting in a longer bearing’s life.

The jaw clutch transmission are designed to transmit torque from the rotor to the output shaft and eliminates side loading caused by rotor eccentricity. The Adjustable bent Housing have a simple yet effective design making it very strong and a single setscrew locks the desired angle in place until the unit is torqued. The power sections are all made in the United States of America. Tru Drill uses Robbins & Myers or Weatherford Power Sections. Download more information about Prescott Motors here

Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

kit-box-650widePerformance in drilling products is our livelihood which is why we choose BENCHTREE for it’s high quality specifications. The systems m+ Pulser uses a motorized driver which is more rugged and dependable, tolerant for medium to high concentrations of LCM and reduces battery consumption. The logging system is POLARIS which is user friendly, smoother, and faster than systems/software used with other MWD tools. Our systems are also wireless capable with hard wire backup.

m+ Pulser™ Motorized Pulser Driver Specifications
Environmental Max Operating Temperature 347 °F 175 °C Max Operating Pressure 20000 PSI 137 MPa Vibration 20 GRMS 30-1000 Hz random Shock 1000 G 0.5 mSec 1/2 sine LCM Tolerant in medium to high LCM concentrations Sand Content <1% by volume recommended
Electrical Flow Sensor Vibration – programmable Connector Customer defined Operating Voltage 12-36 VDC Memory and Diagnostics Large capacity performance memory and diagnostics Gamma Probe Integrated gamma probe
Mechanical Max Pilot Valve Force 100 lbf 445 N OD-Housing 1.875 in 4.76 cm Length (bottom of screen housing to connector) 35.12 in 89.2 cm Length with Integrated Gamma Probe 49.25 in 125.1 cm Signal Transmission Positive pulse with legacy style lower end Download the Full Spec Sheet

Unmanned Measurement While Drilling (MWD)


Utilizing the Invictvs Wildfire (Angle & Azimuth) and Surefire (Angle Only) survey tools, Tru Drill offers an intermediate solution between time consuming and inaccurate wireline survey tools and more expensive steerable MWD systems.

The Survey Tools implement a high torque, high wear rotary shear valve and provides increased reliability and durability in contaminated mud systems. It also has significantly superior tolerance to LCM and solids when compared to conventional pulser designs that utilize small screens and inlets which are susceptible to blockages.

The Invictvs Surface System has extensive data logging and report generation capabilities. Survey reports can be exported using the built in USB port in PDF and CSV formats. The entire system can be installed, initialized and operational in less than 30 minutes.

Download more information about the Invictvs Systems: Wildfire (Angle & Azimuth) :: Surefire (Angle only)